An Overview of University of Texas at Austin 2009-2012 Investigations of the Rogers Spring Archaeological Site




Dickson, Jessica Sloan

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The purpose of this thesis is to examine the artifact assemblages of the Rogers Spring (41TV39) Archaeological Site excavations from the University of Texas field school in 2009-2012. These excavations were led by Fred Valdez, Jr. under Texas Antiquities Permit 5289. The Roger Springs Archaeological Site is rich in history and includes both historic and prehistoric contexts. I begin with a brief introduction to the Roger Springs Site focusing on the general site location and burned rock middens. I then discuss the historic settlement by the Roger family and all of the previous excavations at the site in 1933, 1972, and 2008. This will provide an understanding of the artifacts discussed in previous projects as well as give a general overview of which middens had already been examined prior to the 2009-2012 excavations. After establishing the background of the site, I then explain the methods of inventorying the artifacts at the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (TARL). This also includes the process of locating additional excavation materials such as lot forms and student notes. I utilize information from these forms to create an overview of the excavation’s location and general descriptions of the units represented in the report (soil consistency, proximity to midden 5, and ash content). In the final analysis, I examine the materials uncovered during the field school and describe them within the prehistoric and historic context of Central Texas. I will focus on the typed projectile points found at the site and give an overview of the time periods that they are associated with. Based solely on the projectile points, there is evidence of human occupation from the Early Archaic through the Transitional Archaic. The final section discusses the possibility of further research with the material currently being housed at TARL.



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