Salvage Archeology of Canyon Reservoir: The Wunderlich, Footbridge, and Oblate Sites




Johnson Jr., Leroy
Suhm, De Ann
Tunnell , Curties D.

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Texas Memorial Museum, The University of Texas at Austin


Three multi-component Indian campsites in the Canyon Reservoir area, Comal County, Texas, were excavated in 1959 and 1960 by the Texas Archeological Salvage Project. The artifacts from these sites are described in detail. Intermittent occupations at the sites are attributed principally to the Archaic Edwards Plateau Aspect and, to a lesser extent, to the later Central Texas Aspect. Two of the sites, Wunderlich and Oblate, yielded data which permit a tentative sequential ordering of certain Edwards Plateau Aspect dart point types. These data, especially when compared with those from related central Texas sites, suggest that the Edwards Plateau Aspect can advantageously, but tentatively, be divided into four time periods: Early, Middle, Late, and Transitional Archaic. Brief comparison with other dart point sequences in Texas and northern Mexico indicates that Edwards Plateau Aspect dart points have close stylistic ties to the west.


Table of Contents: Introduction -- Wunderlich: A Burned-Rock Middlen Site -- Footbridge: A Terrace Site -- Oblate: A Rockshelter Site -- Conclusions and Synthesis -- Literature Cited

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