Impact instrument

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Kurt A. Schroder

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


An impact instrument for delivering an impulse to an object. The impact instrument may include an impact surface for contacting the object and an elongated member extending from the impact surface that terminates in an end. The elongated member may include a grasping region in the vicinity of the end. When the instrument is grasped within the grasping region, the center of percussion of the instrument preferably coincides with the impact surface. The instrument may also contain a pivoting grasping member disposed on the elongated member. A cavity is preferably formed between the grasping member and the elongated member and may contain compressible material. The grasping member may rigidly contact the elongated member at an ideal pivot point. The grasping member is preferably adapted to pivot with respect to the elongated member at the ideal pivot point. The pivoting of the grasping member preferably increases the amount of impulse delivered to an object, decreases vibration experienced by the user of the instrument, and reduces counter-rotational forces imparted from the instrument to the user. The impact instrument may be a hammer, ax, golf club, tennis racket, or similar device.



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