The Advanced Camera for Surveys General Catalog: Structural Parameters for Approximately Half A Million Galaxies

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Griffith, Roger L.
Cooper, Michael C.
Newman, Jeffrey A.
Moustakas, Leonidas A.
Stern, Daniel
Comerford, Julia M.
Davis, Marc
Lotz, Jennifer M.
Barden, Marco
Conselice, Christopher J.

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We present the Advanced Camera for Surveys General Catalog (ACS-GC), a photometric and morphological database using publicly available data obtained with the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) instrument on the Hubble Space Telescope. The goal of the ACS-GC database is to provide a large statistical sample of galaxies with reliable structural and distance measurements to probe the evolution of galaxies over a wide range of look-back times. The ACS-GC includes approximately 470,000 astronomical sources (stars + galaxies) derived from the AEGIS, COSMOS, GEMS, and GOODS surveys. Galapagos was used to construct photometric (SEXTRACTOR) and morphological (GALFIT) catalogs. The analysis assumes a single Sersic model for each object to derive quantitative structural parameters. We include publicly available redshifts from the DEEP2, COMBO-17, TKRS, PEARS, ACES, CFHTLS, and zCOSMOS surveys to supply redshifts (spectroscopic and photometric) for a considerable fraction (similar to 74%) of the imaging sample. The ACS-GC includes color postage stamps, GALFIT residual images, and photometry, structural parameters, and redshifts combined into a single catalog.



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Griffith, Roger L., Michael C. Cooper, Jeffrey A. Newman, Leonidas A. Moustakas, Daniel Stern, Julia M. Comerford, Marc Davis et al. "The Advanced Camera for Surveys General Catalog: Structural Parameters for Approximately Half a Million Galaxies." The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, Vol. 200, No. 1 (May, 2012): 9.