Early Tertiary Vertebrate Faunas Trans-Pecos Texas: Amynodontidae




Wilson, John Andrew
Schiebout, Judith A.

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Texas Memorial Museum, The University of Texas at Austin


Skulls, lower jaws and limb bones, identified as Amynodon advenus, were recovered from a quarry and from other localities at the same stratigraphic level in deposits of early Uintan age that contain the Whistler Squat local fauna in West Texas. Forms with large canines and long post-canine diastemas are identified as males, whereas forms with smaller canines and shorter diastemas are identified as females. A new species of Metamynodon from the Myton Uintan is based on a massive lower jaw. Amynodontopsis bodei is found in the Skyline and Cotter channels of latest Eocene and earliest Oligocene. Metamynodon chadronensis from the Porvenir local fauna of the Vieja area is described.


Contents: Abstract -- Introduction -- Systematic Paleontology -- Summary and Conclusions -- Literature Cited

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