Control System Framework for Using G-Code-Based 3D Printing Paths on a Multi-Degree of Freedom Robotic Arm

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Nycz, Andrzej
Noakes, Mark W.
Masuo, Christopher J.
Love, Lonnie J.

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University of Texas at Austin


This paper describes a control system framework using G-Code-based 3D printing paths on a serial link robot manipulator with multiple degrees of freedom. Usually, G-Code is created by a software application, commonly referred to as a slicer, meant for gantry systems. However, G-Code does not address the kinematic complexity nor take advantage of the flexibility available in serial link robot manipulators. This paper provides an overview of the additive manufacturing process and G-Code, types of additive manufacturing deposition movements, common terminology used, the roles of parsers and translators, step-by-step instructions on how to implement this control system, and results and findings from this research. The presented framework can be used for a number of additive manufacturing methods, hybrid solutions, or applications not directly related to additive manufacturing. The implementation was successfully tested on a manipulator with seven degrees of freedom that successfully performed hundreds of hours of large-scale wire arc metal deposition.


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