Pennsylvanian depositional systems in North-Central Texas; a guide for interpreting terrigenous clastic facies in a cratonic basin

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Brown, L. F. (Leonard Franklin), 1928-

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University of Texas at Austin. Bureau of Economic Geology


This field guide is designed to provide an opportunity to observe a variety of facies that are the fundamental blocks with which principal depositional systems have been fabricated. Available data is provided and a genetic interpretation is proposed. Although the validity of the interpretation may be questioned, it is anticipated that the interpretation will focus attention on the problems and limitations of facies interpretation in basin analysis. The principal goal of this field guide is to examine the genetic significance of a variety of common terrigenous elastic facies by attempting to apply a holistic or integrated approach utilizing all available methods and data. Principal use has been made of primary evidence such as data on the regional stratigraphic framework, geologic maps, maps of sandstone bodies, geometry of facies, interpretation of vertical sequences, development of facies tracts, tracing shifts in flow regime from sedimentary structures, paleoecologic evidence, petrographic character of the rocks, and information from other methods of study. Surface and subsurface data are integrated, as is local and regional structural information. The field guide presents (1) a tectonic and depositional synthesis to provide a regional perspective; (2) a brief summary of models of the more common depositional systems; (3) a synthesis of principal stratigraphic units to be examined (Strawn, Canyon, and Cisco Groups); and (4) field localities selected to provide a spectrum of fluvial, deltaic, and strike systems for examination.


To obtain a print version of this publication visit: and search for: GB0014. Accompanied by 1 fold-out. Plate I : Pennsylvanian depositional systems in North-Central Texas. Prepared for the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America

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