Design and stress analysis of a high speed rotor for an advanced induction motor

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Caprio, M.T.
Lelos, V
Herbst, J.D.

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This paper presents the particular mechanical design considerations and analysis results relating to an induction motor rotor designed specifically for high-speed, power dense, mobile applications. A unique end ring design is presented which balances the mechanical and electrical requirements of the high-speed, high-temperature design. Specification of core lamination material is treated in the context of managing spin stresses and maintaining radial contact pressure over the broad operating speed range. Analysis of the rotor bar extension configuration is described to accommodate the relative growth between the end ring and laminated core at operating speed and temperature. A low temperature joining process for the bar / end ring connections is presented that maintains the strength properties of the age hardened copper alloy materials of the squirrel cage assembly.


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M.T. Caprio, V. Lelos, and J.D. Herbst, “Design and stress analysis of a high speed rotor for an advanced induction motor,” Electric Machine Technology Symposium (EMTS) 2004, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Jan. 27-29, 2004.