Improving the Mechanical Response of the IWP Exo-skeletal Lattice Through Shape Optimization

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University of Texas at Austin


Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces have been identified as good candidates for the generation of lattice structures produced with additive manufacturing. These TPMS-based lattice structures avoid sharp features that are characteristic of strut-based lattice structures because of their constant zero mean curvature. Although studies have explored part-scale optimization using TPMS-based lattice structures, they have only varied the volume fraction by changing the level set in the approximate surface equations. By defining new parameterizations in the approximate surface equation, we can redistribute volume within the lattice structure at any volume fraction. In this paper, we introduce an approach for optimization of this new parameterization of TPMS equations using the Borg multi-objective evolutionary algorithm. We demonstrate this framework on the IWP exo-skeletal lattice under uniaxial compression. A relationship between the new parameters and the level set is derived for designs on the Pareto frontier of the optimized IWP TPxS. The performance of the Pareto optimal designs and the efficacy of the optimization approach are shown by comparing to the standard IWP lattice and four other lattices that share the same topology. The optimized designs are implemented and shared in custom nTopology blocks.


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