First Science Results from SOFIA/FORCAST: Super-Resolution Imaging of the S140 Cluster at 37 Mu M

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Harvey, Paul M.
Adams, Joseph D.
Herter, Terry L.
Gull, George
Schoenwald, Justin
Keller, Luke D.
De Buizer, James M.
Vacca, William
Reach, William
Becklin, E. E.

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We present 37 mu m imaging of the S140 complex of infrared sources centered on IRS1 made with the FORCAST camera on SOFIA. These observations are the longest wavelength imaging to resolve clearly the three main sources seen at shorter wavelengths, IRS 1, 2, and 3, and are nearly at the diffraction limit of the 2.5 m telescope. We also obtained a small number of images at 11 and 31 mu m that are useful for flux measurement. Our images cover the area of several strong submillimeter sources seen in the area-SMM 1, 2, and 3-that are not coincident with any mid-infrared sources and are not visible in our longer wavelength imaging either. Our new observations confirm previous estimates of the relative dust optical depth and source luminosity for the components in this likely cluster of early B stars. We also investigate the use of super-resolution to go beyond the basic diffraction limit in imaging on SOFIA and find that the van Cittert algorithm, together with the "multi-resolution" technique, provides excellent results.



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Harvey, Paul M., Joseph D. Adams, Terry L. Herter, George Gull, Justin Schoenwald, Luke D. Keller, James M. De Buizer, William Vacca, William Reach, and E. E. Becklin. "First Science Results from SOFIA/FORCAST: Super-resolution Imaging of the S140 Cluster at 37 ?m." The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol. 749, No. 2 (Apr., 2012): L20.