Protein trafficking within ciliated cells




Hibbard, Jaime

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Cilia are microtubule-based organelles that are crucial for embryonic development and tissue homeostasis post-development. Cilia are composed of thousands of proteins that must be trafficked from their site of synthesis in the cell body. Active transport of protein cargoes within cilia is mediated by the intraflagellar transport complex (IFT). IFT trafficking within cilia is well studied, but the role of IFT proteins in the cytoplasm is less understood. In my graduate work, I investigated modes of protein trafficking within ciliated cells. In Chapter 1, I introduce the routes by which ciliary proteins can traffic from their site of synthesis to the basal body. In Chapter 2, I describe my work studying the mechanism of IFT trafficking from the cytoplasm to the basal body. Finally, in Chapter 3, I introduce a pipeline to identify protein cargoes of IFT. This work provides new insights into protein trafficking within ciliated cells, which is crucial for ciliary signaling.


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