Study of UPLAN based resources planning & analysis by power generation utilities in the deregulated electricity market




Chakrabarti, Sambuddha

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Generators bid into the deregulated electricity market in order to get committed & dispatched for meeting demands. In order to maximize their revenues & minimize the cost, systematic planning of the resources and analyzing the results is crucial to the success of any generation utility. UPLAN Network Power Model provides a convenient way to model & simulate the different expected conditions related to transmission, fuel costs & other variables which are of significant importance for generation planning and also allows us to analyze the way the output variables like capacity factors of generators, prices for Energy and Ancillary Services are affected by them. Based on a very simple model, this report describes the typical approach to UPLAN based resources planning & analyzes the significance of the results. Before that it also tried to understand the way UPLAN works for a very simple three bus model by stepwise introduction of complexity & analysis of results of the simulation runs. A few other issues like the Power Purchase Agreements, Congestion & Congestion Revenue Rights & the way Electricity is traded in the Deregulated Market are also presented.



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