A comparison of feedback provided through live video streaming and post video conferencing on the treatment integrity of individuals pursuing a board certification in behavior analysis




Kuhn, Michelle Therese

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As an increased number of individuals are receiving diagnoses of ASD, there is a greater need for certified service providers (Benevides, Carretta, Lane, 2016). With this increased need comes challenges in the appropriate training and supervision of providers, which decreases occurrences of the use of evidence based practices (Kabot, Mase, & Segal, 2003). Growing technology may be one solution to assist in the supervision outreach and improvement, as it has been successfully used for this purpose in other fields (Rousmaniere et al., 2014; Panos et al., 2002). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the use of performance feedback provided through teleconferencing solutions including live streaming and video conferencing with screen sharing on the acquisition and maintenance of preference assessment procedures on masters’ students in the field of special education pursuing their BCBA. A simulated client was used in the training of students. A multiple baseline design across participants with an embedded multielement design was utilized to evaluate the effects of feedback based on the percentage of preference assessment procedures implemented correctly. Results indicate that feedback provided through both live streaming and post session videoconference with screen sharing were effective methods for training individuals to conduct preference assessments. Additionally, results generalized to working with individuals with ASD with out the provision of feedback and maintained at four and six weeks post intervention. Additionally, each participant rated the use of all teleconferencing strategies, feedback procedures, and the outcome of the training positively. Further discussion of the results of the study, limitations, and directions for future research are provided.


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