Summary Report for the 2011-2012 STATEMAP Project


Two geologic maps have been produced for this study. The Project 1 map, Geologic Map of the Nueces Delta—Annaville and Odem Quadrangles, Texas Gulf Coast, scale 1:24,000, illustrates the geology of a Texas coastal-plain area where the Nueces Delta has prograded into Nueces Bay. This map will be used for the study of shoreline changes and fluvial-deltaic deposition, as well as for baseline data that will be helpful in managing this environmentally sensitive coastal area. The map displays historical shorelines, different delta units (Modern to Holocene), and coastal-plain upland deposits (Holocene to upper Pleistocene).

The Project 2 map, Geologic Map of the Gainesville North Quadrangle, scale 1:24,000, is one of the quadrangles within the north-central Texas transportation corridor. Maps for this corridor will provide a basic geologic framework to aid in managing water and Earth resources, planning land use, identifying aquifer recharge areas, and identifying sources of aggregate and other Earth resources. Geologic units exposed across this corridor comprise about 1,500 ft of Cretaceous shelf and shore-zone deposits. Sand and limestone are quarried in and near the corridor to meet construction demands. The Trinity aquifer, an important regional aquifer, is within this map area.


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