Socioeconomic status and coping with family stress among Latino adolescents




Leija, Annette

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The purpose of this study was to examine the associations among socioeconomic status (SES) and coping in Latino youth, and to examine if youth perceived stress accounts for this relationship. Correlational analyses were used to examine the association among SES variables and youth coping. Regression analyses were used to examine a model that included all SES variables as predictors of youth coping, and path analyses were used to test the direct and indirect associations among socioeconomic status, youth perceptions of family stress, and youth coping. Results indicated that SES was not significantly associated with youth report of coping strategies in Latino youth. Model fit statistics showed the data did not fit the model for any of the six hypothesized models, and youth perceptions of family stress did not explain the association between socioeconomic status and youth report of coping strategies. Further research that examines various aspects of SES in conjunction with cultural and contextual level variables is needed to fully understand the associations among SES and coping in Latino youth.



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