Toolpath planning approach for parts with multiple revolving features for wire arc additive manufacturing

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Lim, Wei Sheng
Soh, Gim Song

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University of Texas at Austin


In wire arc additive manufacturing, existing toolpath planner for complex 3D shapes such as propellers and turbines, with multiple revolving features radiating tend to utilize a cylindrical slicing approach. Such slicing approaches are highly customized, complex, and not readily available for printing such 3D shapes. In addition, such complicated motion planning requires coordination between the print head and substrate motion to be synchronized well which can be difficult to achieve. In this paper, we propose an alternative strategy using planar slicing and adaptive width contour-based toolpath planner. To achieve this, a two-step approach is proposed with the substrate and radiating elements treated as separate features. The substrate is printed with part of the revolving feature, providing a flat surface for the second step to print from. The approach is applied for a propeller over 0.7m in diameter where a 3D scan is done to compare with the part model.


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