Vision and prayer for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, cello, soprano and bass baritone




Prosser, Christopher S., 1978-

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Vision and Prayer is a forty-minute song cycle for small chamber ensemble, soprano, and bass-baritone. The work is a setting of Dylan Thomas’s poem of the same name, and encompasses seven songs. It is conceived in two parts: “The Vision,” comprised of four songs beginning with an instrumental Prelude, and “The Prayer,” comprised of three songs beginning with an instrumental Interlude. The cycle is a programmatic work whose meaning and message stems from my own interpretation of the poem. This interpretation coincides with my idiosyncratic beliefs and faith in Jesus Christ found in the New Testament gospels of the Bible. Three themes are found running throughout the poem. They are an awakening of faith, fleeing from this newly found faith, and an utter acceptance and submission to Jesus Christ. The music attempts to convey these three themes by way of gesture, motive and text painting. My ultimate goal in writing Vision and Prayer is to use this work as a vehicle to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.



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