Following Hispanic Male 8th Graders through College: A Digest of Longitudinal Enrollment and Graduation Patterns in Texas

Sáenz, Victor B
Ryu, Wonsun
Burmicky, Jorge
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This research digest examines postsecondary enrollment and completion trends of Hispanic males across Texas 8th grade cohorts. The data is obtained from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) 8th Grade Cohort longitudinal survey starting in the fiscal years of 1998 through 2006 and are followed to the postsecondary level. Three key findings are made, the first being that the Hispanic males degree/certificate completion percentage is far behind when compared to the statewide male student population. The second is that despite the first key finding, the percentage of Hispanic male students completing a degree is gradually rising and the lastly certain regions reflect varying enrollment patterns for Hispanic male students throughout the state.

Sáenz, V. B., Ryu, W., & Burmicky, J. (2018). Following Latina/o 8th Graders through college: A digest of longitudinal enrollment and graduation patterns in Texas. Project MALES Research Digest, Issue No.1: