Progressivism En Vogue? An Analysis of Electoral Support for House Co-sponsors of H.R. 1384 (Medicare for All Act of 2019)




Trivisonno, Ross

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In spring of 2019, Rep. Pramila Jayapal introduced H.R. 1384, the largest, most sweeping iteration of the late John Conyers’ longstanding ‘United States National Healthcare Act,’ this time dubbed the ‘Medicare for All Act of 2019.’ Despite ultimately dying in committee, it marked a massive revival and revision of the act first introduced in 2003. It was co-sponsored by 118 progressive Democrats in the House, roughly aligning with Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) membership – and then some. While not called to a floor vote, the bill served as marked political theatre and had something of a rallying effect on its co-sponsors’ campaign coffers/profiles with countless liberal PACs and special interest groups endorsing them, fundraising, and providing valuable unearned media attention. H.R. 1384 was the most definitive progressive-left policy of the 116th Congress, so how did its co-sponsors’ electoral performances fare afterwards? This research attempts to answer that question with a comprehensive electoral analysis of the era.



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