3D Printing and Structural Testing of Quick Connection




Jung, Kee Young

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3D printing technology allows three-dimensional solid objects to be created from a digital file. It is an additive manufacturing process that creates objects by laying down successive layers of material in one continuous process. The use of 3D printing has been explored in many different industries due to its potential to revolutionize the manufacturing process. The construction industry is not an exception to this trend as it is going through a major change associated with the automation of the construction process. 3D printing offers the construction industry a possibility of creating construction elements of unique, complex geometry that can be custom-made and mass-produced. This study aims to utilize the benefits of the 3D printer by printing connection members of complex geometry inspired from Japanese woodworking and the modern proprietary connection from the ConXTech. The connection models will be tested for its strength and serviceability and their performance will be analyzed to assess the connection’s potential for structural and non-structural application. By combining the “fastener-free” and the “quick and easy to connect” abilities of the wooden joineries and the ConXTech connections with the benefit of the 3D printing technology, the study will explore the process of innovation that can result from interdisciplinary research.


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