Integration of thin film GaAs MSM photodetector in fully embedded board-level optoelectronic interconnects

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Lin, Lei

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Technology in 21 century has developed in an accelerated rate. As a technology indicator of modern era, computer has developed from its early age to ubiquitous equipment in every day life. The driven force for faster computer has become even stronger. Together with the fast-evolved high-speed Internet, faster computes are processing huge amount of data. Electrical interconnect between CPU and memory has become the bottleneck of data processing in computer. The foreseeable solution to address this bottleneck is to use optical interconnect replacing electrical interconnect. However, before this substation becomes reality, many difficulties to integrate optics into VLSI system have to be addressed. In this dissertation, a fully embedded optical interconnect system is proposed. The main attribute of optical interconnect system with fully embedded form is the high degree of reliability. Together with the high bandwidth, low power consumption, the optical interconnect system is fully compatible with VLSI circuit and fully fulfill the request of bandwidth between CPU and memory. The fully embedded optical interconnect system includes three main components: thin film VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) as optical transmitter, thin film GaAs MSM (metal-semiconductor-metal) photodetector as optical receiver and flexible polymer waveguide as optical transmitting media. Thin film MSM photodetector array is fabricated and integrated with channel waveguide array. The whole system integration among thin film array of photodetector and VCSEL and thin film flexible waveguide is presented.