On-board fuel fractionation system and methods to generate an engine starting fuel

Ashford, Marcus Demetris
Matthews, Ron
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United States Patent and Trademark Office

A Fuel Fractionation System (FFS) and associated methods to generate and store a fuel for internal combustion engines is provided. FFS provides a distillation column assembly to distill liquid fuel to form a volatile light fraction secondary fuel. The distillation column assembly includes a vaporization module to vaporize a feed fuel in the distillation column and includes a condensation module to condense heavy fraction components of the vaporized feed fuel. FFS also provides a controller positioned to control the vaporization of feed fuel in the distillation column to thereby control the separation of the feed fuel into light fraction fuel and heavy fraction fuel components, and positioned to control the condensation of the heavy fraction components so that fuel exiting a light fraction output port in the distillation column is substantially light fraction fuel components by volume.