Attributing factors to the gender gap in STEM education and a corrective measure to mitigate the shortage at a local level

Hahm, James Andrew
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Women continue to be underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematical fields at the national level. At a local high school level, male enrollment in pre-engineering classes continues to outpace female enrollment. Based on a review of current literature some key contributing factors are: a lack of role models for females considering STEM, lack of confidence in one’s STEM abilities, ingrained stereotypical views of society shaping female identity, and a lack of understanding of the societal benefit STEM careers can have on the greater population. To address these concerns, a summer camp was created for middle school-aged females. Though the camp will not solve the national problem, it will be a positive step in addressing the current trends at the local level. This camp will also provide a means to conduct future research with participants, parents, and camp assistants.