A GIS-based estimation of steady-state non-point source bacteria pollution in the Lower Rio Grande below Falcón Reservoir




Lynch, Robin Shaw

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This report estimates the steady-state, non-point source bacteria pollution along the international river system of the Lower Rio Grande / Río Bravo between Falcón Reservoir and the Gulf of Mexico. The results from this report may be used by environmental agencies in the United States and México in order to develop a steady-state water quality model of the bacterial load in this river system. This report creates a GIS-based estimation of the steady-state, non-point source pollution from sources such as failing septic tanks, untreated sewage, grazing animals, and wildlife in the watershed. This report also provides recommendations for environmental agencies when developing the water quality model. The results and methodology developed for this report may be used as part of the Lower Rio Grande / Río Bravo Watershed Initiative, a binational pilot project to develop a plan to restore and protect the quality of the Rio Grande/Río Bravo.



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