Articulation problems as judged by pupils, parents, and teachers in selected public school units in Texas




Speer, James Bryan

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The present study represents an effort to ascertain articulation problems according to the opinions of pupils, parents, and teachers, and to supplement their viewpoints with any factors affecting the child's life while he is attending school. Up to the present time, no study has been made in the field of articulation that has taken into consideration the opinion of the pupils and the opinions of the parents. The subordinate problems to be considered are: 1. Is there any relationship between acceleration, retardation, and mobility of students, in the opinions of pupils, parents, and teachers? 2. Do the pupils, parents, and teachers agree on their reasons for acceleration or retardation? 3. Is there a mutual understanding among pupils, parents, and teachers toward trouble encountered in spelling, reading, and mathematics, and reasons therefor? 4. Is there a belief on the part of the pupils, parents, and teachers that entering departmental school work from a program of one teacher to the grade causes pupils to be confused? 5. Is there agreement among pupils, parents, and teachers that pupils are confused upon entering high school? 6. What difficulties were confronting the pupils at the time this study was made? 7. What were the reasons for difficulties of any kind encountered by pupils according to pupils, parents, and teachers? 8. From this study may one reach a conclusion that opinions of pupils, parents, and teachers should be considered by anyone who is confronted with articulation problems?