Unordered load/store queue

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Robert J. McDonald
Stephen W. Keckler
Douglas Burger
Lakshminarasimhan Sethumadhavan
Franziska Roesner

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A method and processor for providing full load/store queue functionality to an unordered load/store queue for a processor with out-of-order execution. Load and store instructions are inserted in a load/store queue in execution order. Each entry in the load/store queue includes an identification corresponding to a program order. Conflict detection in such an unordered load/store queue may be performed by searching a first CAM for all addresses that are the same or overlap with the address of the load or store instruction to be executed. A further search may be performed in a second CAM to identify those entries that are associated with younger or older instructions with respect to the sequence number of the load or store instruction to be executed. The output results of the Address CAM and Age CAM are logically ANDed.



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