Methods and systems for submucosal implantation of a device for diagnosis and treatment with a therapeutic agent

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Donald K. Jones
Pankaj Pasricha
Dennis L. McWilliams
Brett E. Naglreiter
Vladimir Mitelberg
David Y. Yuan

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


Instruments, systems, implants, and methods are provided for performing submucosal medical procedures in a desired area of the digestive tract using endoscopy. Instruments include a safe access needle injection instrument, a submucosal tunneling instrument, a submucosal dissection instrument, and a mucosal resection device. A submucosal implant device for diagnosing and treating disorders of the body may be implanted. A passive submucosal implant device may take the form of a drug delivery depot in which a therapeutic agent within the depot elutes from the depot according to a predetermined elution profile. An active submucosal implant device may take the form of a drug delivery device that incorporates a self-contained diagnostic system to determine the appropriate delivery time and dosage of a therapeutic agent to be administered.



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