The Spitzer C2D Survey of Nearby Dense Cores: Jet and Molecular Outflow Associated With A Young Stellar Object in Core A of L1251

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Lee, Jeong-Eun
Lee, Ho-Gyu
Shinn, Jong-Ho
Dunham, Miranda M.
Kim, Il-Suk
Kim, Chang-Hee
Bourke, Tyler L.
Evans, Neal J., II
Choi, Yunhee

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A long infrared jet has been discovered by the Spitzer c2d Legacy Program in core A of L1251. It is associated with a very embedded Class 0 object with an accretion luminosity of about 0.9 L(circle dot) derived by radiative transfer model fitting to the observed spectral energy distribution. Comparing the observed Infrared Array Camera colors along the infrared jet with those calculated from a model of an admixture of gas with a power-law temperature distribution indicates that the jet is possibly created by a paraboloidal bow shock propagating into the ambient medium of n(H(2)) = 10(5) cm(-3). In addition, the variation of the power-law index along the jet suggests that the portion of hot gas decreases with distance from the jet engine. The molecular outflow in this region has been mapped for the first time using CO data. From the calculated outflow momentum flux, a very strong lower limit to the average accretion luminosity is 3.6 sin i/cos(3) i L(circle dot), indicative of a decrease in the accretion rate with time.



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Lee, Jeong-Eun, Ho-Gyu Lee, Jong-Ho Shinn, Michael M. Dunham, Il-Suk Kim, Chang Hee Kim, Tyler L. Bourke, Neal J. Evans, and Yunhee Choi. "The Spitzer c2d Survey of Nearby Dense Cores: Jet and Molecular Outflow Associated with a Young Stellar Object in Core A of L1251." The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Vol. 709, No. 1 (Jan., 2010): L74.