OCT using spectrally resolved bandwidth

Marc D. Feldman
Thomas E. Milner
Robert Grant
Jung-Hwan Oh
Jee-Hyun Kim
Karthik Kumar
Shaochen Chen
Li-Hsin Han
Eunha Kim
Chris Condit
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United States Patent and Trademark Office

An apparatus is disclosed for studying an object based on at least one of polarization, space, position or angle of light that has reflected from the object. An optical tomographic instrumentation of the apparatus includes a light source coupled to a source path, a sample path, a reference path, and a detection path, wherein the light source generates a spectrally resolved bandwidth. The spectrally resolved bandwidth includes a plurality of spectrally resolved cells and a detector in the detection path for analyzing light reflected from an object in the sample path and the light reflected in the reference path based upon at least one of the polarization, spatial relationship, position or angle domains.