Powder Life Cycle Analyses for a New Polypropylene Laser Sintering Material

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Wegner, A.
Ünlü, T.

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University of Texas at Austin


When processing polymers in laser sintering, material aging occurs. The consequences of these aging effects are changes of material and part properties. A reduction of surface quality and the occurrence of orange peel are often found when using a material of too high viscosity. These effects are well known when processing polyamide 12. For alternative materials there is only little knowledge on aging effects. Within the presented study effects of material aging and refreshing for a new developed polypropylene material are analyzed. Viscosity as well as powder flowability are characterized as material properties. Additionally, part properties in different orientations are studied for different aging states as well as refreshing levels. Tensile properties and part density are measured in order to analyze the influence of aging effects on part properties. Furthermore, the influence of different processing parameters on part quality is studied in order to establish fundamental process knowledge for the processing of the new polypropylene material.


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