Dual-polarized, broadband metasurface cloaks for antenna applications

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Andrea Alu
Jason Christopher Soric

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United States Patent and Trademark Office


A communication system that reduces the mutual influence of antennas operating in similar or different frequency bands. The communication system includes a first and a second antenna operating in a first and a second frequency band, respectively, and placed in close proximity to each other. The first antenna is covered by a conformal mantle metasurface with anti-phase scattering properties thereby cancelling the scattering in the second frequency band. The conformal mantle metasurface consists of a patterned metallic sheet comprising slits both in an azimuthal and a vertical direction to reduce both vertical and horizontal polarization scattering. When the first antenna is a low-band dipole antenna and when the second antenna is a high-band dipole antenna, the conformal mantle metasurface reduces the low-band blockage without disrupting the performance of both antennas in terms of radiation pattern and impedance matching.



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