Myth Busting the Writing Center: A Critical Inquiry of Ideologies and Practices from Praxis: A Writing Center Journal Vol.19 No.1

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Meadows, Bethany
Smith, Trixie G.

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We were asked to talk about the state of the field at this moment in time, this mid-pandemic moment that has urged all of us to rethink much of the work we do in our writing centers, or at least how we do the work. This moment is also full of racial violence and proud proclamations of racism from police brutality to targeted shootings to riots at the U.S. Capitol. This moment of continued sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism and more. All of these moments affect us as human beings working in the center with and alongside other human beings, consulting sessions with both consultants and writers who have a range of embodied experiences, traumas, and understandings that they bring to their writing and to their sessions.

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