Neuromarketing : an essential tool in the future of advertising and brand development




Hilderbrand, Miranda L

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This research is designed to explore the future role of neuromarketing in advertising and brand development. To understand its necessity, the research will begin with an in-depth review on what is meant by advertising and branding. Once there is an understanding of these industries, the research will look at the field of neuromarketing – a history of the industry, an explanation of the common research methods that it employs, and an understanding of how neuromarketing can assist in advertising research and brand development. To gain knowledge on the potential future of neuromarketing, a qualitative study was done through a series of in-depth interviews with professionals who have practical uses for neuromarketing in their respective fields. This research is concluded with a summary the current state of neuromarketing, and a discussion on what needs to be done as the industry moves forward.



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