High school engineering project : the modified electric guitar




Self, James Brian

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education

This report describes an engineering project designed for a high school course. In this project, the design process is cycled twice, with declining amounts of structure and guidance from the instructor. The project includes two or three iterations of an electric guitar design and build. The first iteration guides students through the design and build of a single-string electric guitar, with instructions for completing the build provided by the instructor. Students are responsible for building all aspects of the guitar with the exception of tuning hardware and strings. Thus, students build the body, coil(s), and circuitry for the guitar. In the second iteration, student groups follow the design process to develop a prototype three-string electric guitar. Multiple options may be followed, determined by the instructor based on constraints such as material availability, budget, and access to woodworking equipment. The report includes a review of relevant literature on the topic of non-engineering based guitar building courses already in place in high schools and colleges.



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