The development of a low-cost welding simulator based on augmented reality



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The current study presents an innovative approach to welding simulation by leveraging augmented reality (AR) technology, aiming to replicate the welding experience. The development of this simulator involves the fabrication of physical models, including a welding coupon and a welding torch, both embedded with images. These images are then tracked by Unity software to create an augmented reality environment. This unique combination of physical elements and software tracking enables real-time calculation and visualization of crucial welding parameters, such as work angle, travel angle, contact tip to working distance (CTWD or stick out), and travel speed. This simulator not only provides users with immersive visual feedback during the welding process but also records their welding parameters, offering a valuable dataset for subsequent analysis and comparison with real-world welding data. This is facilitated by a custom-developed welding sensor unit (WSU) attached to the actual welding torch. Furthermore, the simulator offers an environment to replicate the movements made by the welder in a real welding environment. These functionalities together endorse the simulator’s potential applications, from training novice welders to generating synthetic data for various research and industrial purposes.


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