Trails by a river: for large orchestra and electronic sounds (MAX/MSP)

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Barros, Alfredo Jacinto de, 1966-

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Trails by a River, for Large Orchestra and Electronic Sounds (MAX/MSP), is a work in which different compositional techniques come together. The work can be characterized as being in an eclectic style, involving aspects of practices such as micro polyphony, pointillism, spectralism, computer music, tonality, and other non-tonal categories. Although it cannot be referred to as a work that represents a style with a specific ethno-cultural background, the rhythmic foundations of certain parts are derived from some modern Afro-Brazilian folk genres, such as candomblé, mostly present in the Northeastern part of that country. The electronic part is conceived as a timbral extension of the orchestral sounds, and the MAX/MSP patcher used to generate it has a graphical interface that is designed to be a compositional tool. Hence, it can also be used for future projects. The overall formal design of the work can be described as being a multi-part form, with an almost continuous flow between the sections.



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