The Impact of Legal and Administrative Remedies to Overcome Discrimination in Employment




Marshall, Ray
Knapp, Charles
Liggett, Malcome
Glover, Robert W.

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Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources


Th i. s stud y examines the effectiveness of specific attempts to remedy employment discrimination against minorities through litigation and contract compliance efforts. Further, its objective is to identify factors underlying the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of court decisions and out-of-court settlements in producing changes in minority employment patterns. Special attention is given to the construction and shipbuilding industries and to the issues of hiring, union entry, upgrading, and seniority systems. To advance an understanding of the dynamics of combating employment discrimination, the authors present a new conceptual framework for interpreting activity in this field. Conclusions and recommendations are drawn which will be of interest to attorneys, judges, minority organizations, and government agencies attempting to remedy employment discrimination.


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