Utilizing Lattice Infill Structures to Optimize Weight with Structural Integrity Investigation for Commonly Used 3D Printing Technologies

Alshaikh Ali, Mohammad
Fidan, Ismail
Allen, Michael
Bhattacharya, Indranil
Tantawi, Khalid
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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is utilized in various applications and fields. This research study investigates the use of lattice infill structures to reduce weight in two commonly used AM methods; Stereolithography (SLA) and Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). Structural integrity of lattice infilled parts is investigated. Before utilizing lattice infill structures, different process parameters are also investigated to gain a knowledge base for these patterns’ effect on weight and power consumption (PC). Cubes are used as test specimens to perform the knowledge base study for the process parameters. Based on the initial study, an infill pattern is chosen to be compared with a lattice infill structure. The test specimens for this study are chosen to be of different background and complexity. Experimental data indicates a reduction in weight with no increase in PC for SLA and an increase in PC for FFF. Lattice infilled structures respond well to structural integrity testing.