Distribution of Craft Management Skills in a Tier II Work Team

Haas, Carl T.
Tucker, Richard L.
Glover, Robert W.
Edward, Derek
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Center for Construction Industry Studies, The University of Texas at Austin

The construction industry is facing many challenges due to its inability to recruit, train and retain enough workers to meet its demands. The Sloan Center for Construction Industry Studies (CCIS) Work Force workgroup at the University of Texas at Austin has proposed a Two-Tier work force strategy as a “step-change” initiative to help tackle these issues being faced by the construction industry. A Tier II project is perceived as being staffed by a level of workers possessing higher than normal levels of technical and management skills, with appropriate systems being put in place to manage the project itself and to better utilize these higher skills. The expected results of these changes are greater productivity and improved compensation for Tier II workers. This report summarizes the Craft Management skills set of the Tier II worker, as developed in Edward (2001).