Advancing lighting for aquaria




Wittke-Bender, Dawn Marie

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In this thesis I will explore the creation of a professionally advanced aquatic lighting fixture that will offer more flexibility than is currently available in the professional aquatic lighting field. I will investigate how the flexible fixture can enhance aquatic microenvironments through application of a design approach. In this investigation I will focus on the visual composition of light within the aquarium, while providing physiologically supportive light to the living inhabitants of the microenvironment. In order to explore this process I will create a LED aquatic lighting unit that shares many of the properties of a traditional theatrical lighting grid; specifically: flexible positioning, focusability of light sources, color control, and intensity control. I will design and build this flexible unit, and demonstrate its capabilities on a minimum of three contrasting aquatic microenvironments. The project will be displayed in an exhibit within the Winship Theatre building, where the human viewing environment will be designed to provide a soothing light and sound enhanced experience.




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