Texas Ranger, April 1964




University of Texas at Austin

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Texas Student Publications, Inc.



Table of Contents: Someone out there Hates Me: In which we find that the frats aren’t always the rats (p. 12) – Dave Brubeck: An Informal Interview. Brubeck rates UT as to listening ability (p. 14) – The Law of Chance: Some of the best curves, we find, are on graph paper (p. 16) – G.O.M. : Mary Ann Baskett, This ain’t no baskett of goodies for Grandma (p. 17) – Censorship: Gowen J. exposes the plot to undermine our morals (p. 20) – Super Granny: More powerful than a speeding wart hog…(p. 22) – One of Our Boys Made It: Texas reacts to the move toward culture in government (p. 24) – Censorship, Hell! The true story of the Ranger G.O.M. censorship case (p. 26) – Folksingers: A handy guide for squares, freaks, and otherwise genteel people (p. 28) – The Harriest Bods: Announcing the winners of the Harry Bod Contest (p. 30

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