Financing extra curricular activities



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The extra curricular program in its modern development has brought many problems to the high school administrator. Foremost among these are problems dealing with finance. It is the purpose of this study, first, to discuss some of the more important problems concerning the systems of financing extra curricular activities; second, to review the scope and importance of financial administration of these activities and point out some needed changes; third, to show some of the present practices in financing extra curricular activities; and fourth, to make some general recommendations, or suggestions, that may be applied in the setting up of a sound financial organization for these activities in the high school. The main purpose is to find out what is being done in the schools today concerning the administration of finances of extra curricular activities. The rapid growth in secondary school population during the last forty years has brought a tremendous increase in student organizations and activities. Funds are necessary for carrying on these various activities, and the raising, care, and distribution of these funds give the high school administrator much to think about. Many problems are suggested. Among the important ones are: To what extent do boards of education subsidize extra curricular activities? What attitude does the board take toward the financial policies of student organizations? How are funds raised for these activities? What provision is made for the custody of funds collected by organizations? How elaborate should the accounting system for extra curricular organizations be? What is the relation of the community to the financial side of the extra curricular program? These are samples of the problems involved with the financing of extra curricular activities. This study will attempt to show definitely what is being done toward the solving of these problems