EOR as sequestration: Geoscience perspective

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Hovorka, Susan D.
Tinker, Scott W.

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Symposium on Role of EOR in Accelerating Deployment of CCS


CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) has a development and operational history several decades longer than geologic sequestration of CO2 designed to benefit the atmosphere and provides much of the experience on which confidence in the newer technology is based. With modest increases in surveillance and accounting, future CO2 EOR using anthropogenic CO2 (CO2-A) captured to decrease atmospheric emissions can be used as part of a sequestration program.


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Hovorka, S. and Tinker, S.W., EOR as sequestration: Geoscience perspective: presented at the Symposium on the Role of Enhanced Oil Recovery in Accelerating the Deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage, Cambridge, MA, July 23, 2010 (http://mitei.mit.edu/system/files/110510_EOR_Report_1.pdf). GCCC Digital Publication Series #10-12.