A Parametric Study of Oxygen Ion Cyclotron Harmonic Wave Excitation and Polarization by an Oxygen Ring Distribution

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Liu, Xu
Chen, Lunjin
Sun, Jicheng
Wang, Xueyi
Usanova, Maria E.

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Oxygen ion cyclotron harmonic (OCH) waves are electromagnetic emissions with frequencies near the harmonics of the oxygen ion cyclotron frequency. They are ubiquitously observed in the Earth’s magnetosphere. These waves can be excited by an energetic O+ ring distribution. Here, we perform a parametric study of OCH waves by an O+ ring distribution. We investigate the effects of ring concentration (ηho), velocity (vr), temperature (Tr), total O+ concentration (ηo), and wave normal angles (WNAs) on the wave growth rate and polarization. We find that four-wave modes are related to OCH waves. The growth rates and frequency range increase with ηho and ηo and decrease with Tr. The peak growth rate roughly follows the first peak of Jn2 (square of the Bessel function corresponding to the O+ ring) or cold plasma wave modes, which can be used to explain the vr and WNA dependences. OCH waves shift from the transverse mode to the compressional mode as vr increases. This work used TACC to perform particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation (part of Figure 1 of this work) and was published in Journal of Geophysical Research-Space Physics.


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