Financial history of the public lands in Texas

Lang, Aldon Socrates
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It will be observed by the reader that the general plan of treatment here observed is to give, first, the constitutional and legislative history of each category of public land, together with the significant court decisions affecting their status and their revenue-yielding potentialities. Following this, the receipts actually realized are exhibited. An earnest attempt has been made to give complete statistics of receipts from public lands, annually or biennially, depending upon the fiscal period covered in the official reports. The study is largely statistical, but much interpretative historical date have been included, bearing particularly upon the economic and legal status of the lands. Although the subject here introduced is obviously a study in the economic history of Texas, it is more specifically a study in public finance, historical and financial. The main objective here is the investigation of the efficacy of public land, as disclosed by the experience of Texas, as a source or system of public revenue