A Phenomenological Numerical Model For Fused Deposition Processing of Particle Filled Parts

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Yardimci, M. Atif
Guceri, Selcuk I
Danforth, Stephen C.

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Fused Deposition ModelingTM utilizes the simple idea of melting, extrusion and resolidification of thermoplastic filaments. The introduction of particulate materials, especially ceramics and metals, will widen the range of capabilities of the process. The present study is directed to the development of a family of numerical models for the FDM and Fused Deposition of Ceramics processes. These models in turn would help to predict the operation windows of the FDM/FDC. Time-dependent mesh generation and parameter file generation are incorporated into the developed two-dimensional model. Finite element method is used in order to address heat transfer issues regarding the solidification ofthe thermoplastic binder


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