Impact Testing of 3D Printed Kevlar-Reinforced Onyx Material

Scrocco, Mackenzie
Chamberlain, Timothy
Chow, Chloe
Weinreber, Logan
Elks, Edward
Halford, Connor
Cortes, Pedro
Conner, Brett P.
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University of Texas at Austin

Kevlar is a common reinforcement used in composites for applications requiring impact resistance. This research evaluated the impact performance of 3D printed continuously reinforced Kevlar fiber on 3D printed nylon composites containing chopped carbon fiber (CCF). The 3D printer used was a Markforged Mark Two material extrusion system, and Onyx is the trade name of Markforged’s nylon/CCF material. In this work, a diverse number of composite architecture designs including type of infill pattern, number of Kevlar layers, and location of Kevlar layers were investigated. The printed specimens were characterized using a Charpy impact testing and gas gun ballistic testing. Results were compared on the basis of weight and estimated part cost.