From Startups To Take-Up: Influencing A Generation




San Soucie, Carolyn

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Employer-sponsored health insurance is the primary form of health insurance coverage in the United States. 49% of the American population is insured through an employer-sponsored plan. Its role is central in maintaining affordable and adequate access to health care for millions of Americans. Young, healthy adults comprise a population notorious for remaining uninsured, yet they are vital for the success of any health insurance pool. Influencing young adults to take-up offers of employer-sponsored health insurance through improved policy initiatives will lead to necessary reforms of the entire system. This thesis analyzes the ways in which the sharing economy and associated marketplace trends influence the rates of young, healthy adults signing up for employer-sponsored health insurance. Furthermore, it recommends public policies to promote a more equitable system of health insurance coverage throughout the country given the growing crisis in the employment-based system. By understanding the socio-demographic factors of the population of individuals who elect to take-up offers of insurance through their workplace and the psychosocial factors of the decision-making process as a whole, it is possible to increase rates of insurance participation among young, healthy adults even as current economic influences drastically alter the workplace.


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