The career of General Antonio López de Santa Anna (1794-1833)




Hancock, Walter E., 1884-1973

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The history of Mexico from 1821 to 1855 was a chronicle of continuous revolutions and counter-revolutions, and the history of those revolutions was incarnated in the career of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. So completely did his transcendental personality dominate the course of events in Mexico during that time, that the whole period may properly be called the Santa Anna Era. This dissertation proposes to cover only the period of Santa Anna’s career which ended on April 1, 1833. Regardless of the opinion one may form of Santa Anna as a man; regardless of the estimate that posterity makes, or may make, as to the character of the influence he exerted on his countrymen; of the merits or demerits that may be placed for or against his as a statesman, general, and politician, none can deny the greatness, nor the reality of his influence upon the formative period of Mexican history. It is safe to say that a more kaleidoscopic career can scarcely be found in the history of any country, past or present