Geology of the Willow City-Eckert area, Gillespie County, Texas

McCampbell, William Gibson, 1913-
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This paper discloses the results of a geologic investigation of an area lying on the south rim of the Llano basin. A map is presented showing the stratigraphy and structure of this area. The historical events of the region were deformation and igneous intrusion antedating Upper Cambrian, doming in Paleozoic time, and faulting in or preceding Strawn time. The major faults trend northeast-southwest. The formations represented are the Edwards, Comanche Peak, and Basement Sands of the Cretaceous; the Cap Mountain and Hickory of Upper Cambrian age; and granites and metamorphics of pre-Cambrian age. Although stock raising and farming are the principal sources of income, the region is potentially rich in building material and minerals. An excellent climate, a sufficient annual rainfall, and a scenic panorama make this part of the "hill country" exceedingly livable